VILLAGERS are kicking up a stink over plans for a slurry lagoon on the edge of Crossways.

Concerns have been raised about a planning application submitted to West Dorset District Council for a new slurry lagoon at Summer Farm in Warmwell Road.

At least a dozen local residents have already commented on the application, with most of them raising concerns about the smell and impact of the proposed larger lagoon.

One of the submissions states: “We are concerned that the increased storage of farm slurry and run-off rainwater will give rise to unpleasant smells and an increase in fly population.”

Another says: “A slurry lagoon of this size will significantly increase the impact to our amenity.”

Parish council chairman Andrew Brewer lives near to Summer Farm and says that the proposed lagoon will be the size of a football pitch.

He said: “My family has lived in Summer Cottage, on and off since it was built in 1929 and I can trace back seven generations of Brewers who were farm labourers.

“The smell we already endure from the farm is really unpleasant and couple it with the flies and rats it makes for a pretty unpleasant environment.

“Some of the nearest properties have only just been built.”

A planning and design statement submitted with the planning application states: “The existing old water lagoon on the premises is inadequate to deal with the amount of slurry produced on this holding and is causing problems of run off from the yard and lack of capacity to store the slurry created by the number of cattle housed within the farm yard.

“The proposal will have little visual impact on the visual amenities of the area and will be totally unseen from public view due to its location behind the existing farm building and high silage clamps.”

Mr Brewer said he has managed to agree an extension to the deadline for comments on the application so the Crossways Parish Council can discuss the application at its meeting on Thursday, July 31 in the village hall.

The parish council is also urging local residents to view the plans and have their say at