RESIDENTS in Weymouth are invited to a Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow where they will find out if they are at risk of Type 2 diabetes and get information about improving their diet and taking part in more physical activity.

The roadshow, run by Diabetes UK in partnership with Bupa, will be on the seafront near the King’s Statue on Monday, July 21 and Tuesday July 22.

It will offer a quick and confidential assessment so that people can find out if they may have, or are at risk of developing, Type 2 diabetes.

Last year, roadshow buses travelled the country and saw almost 20,000 people step on board to find out their risk and discuss healthy lifestyle options, including tips on how to eat a balanced diet and get physically active, with friendly volunteers and dietitians.

Diabetes can lead to devastating complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness or amputation.

But, if managed properly sufferers can live long, healthy lives with the conbdition in check.

Phaedra Perry, Diabetes UK’s regional manager in South West, said: “We will have staff and volunteers in Weymouth to have a look at how likely you are to develop Type 2 diabetes now and in the next ten years, through a series of questions and measurements – but there’s nothing scary about our roadshow and no blood tests.

“It won’t take long, but could be an important way of finding the right path to a healthier life. There will be lots of information, encouragement and advice about Type 2 diabetes and reducing your own risk of getting the condition.”