AN ALLEGED victim claims a 78-year-old Weymouth man sexually abused him on multiple occassions when he was a child.

Aubray Arthur Pegg, of Canterbury Close, is accused of multiple counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.

Pegg is on trial at Dorchester Crown Court and denies all seven counts relating to the same victim.

The offences span a period between January 22, 1986 and January 22, 1990, when the defendant was mid 40s to early 50s and the alleged victim was aged between six and eight.

Six of the counts refer to multiple incidents.

In a video shown to the court, the alleged victim told police: “I was made to feel like it was normal and it was okay. I didn't know anything different. It has taken me a long time to get to this stage. It has ruined my life.”

Prosecuting, Heather Shimmen told the court that the abuse ‘continued and escalated’.

She said: “The victim says the defendant would give him sweets, money and cigarettes and the prosecution will argue that this was to gratify the defendant to the victim.”

Defending, Mary Aspinall-Miles questioned the alleged victim on gaps in his memory.

The trial continues today.