IT’S a close shave for Weymouth teenager Ethan Harwood, who has cut his locks off for charity.

The 13-year-old had his long curly hair shaved off at Weymouth’s KCS Hairdressers to raise money for the Deaf Children’s Society after his sister Tianna went deaf in both ears last year.

He said: “I decided to help raise money for the charity so Tianna and children like her can carry on meeting up and sharing their experiences.

“I’ve had long hair since I was very young but I had my hair cut off to raise as much money as I can.”

Tianna Harwood, 12, started to lose her hearing last year, and within just four months she became totally deaf in one ear.

She then developed a severe ear infection and shortly after, in December 2013, doctors confirmed Tianna was profoundly deaf in both ears and could not hear anything at all.

Tianna’s mum said: “She’s had every single test but doctors can’t figure it out because they said the way she lost her hearing, over a few months, only really happens with meningitis.”

Thanks to the Auditory Implant Services at Southampton University, Tianna received two cochlear implants in March. To help Tianna with her everyday life, the Deaf Children’s Society has provided her with items such as a vibrating alarm clock.

Her brother Ethan has already raised £200 for the Deaf Children’s Society, but they are hoping for as many donations as possible to help support the charity’s important work.

To donate to the cause, visit