A residential trip to Guernsey proved an enjoyable educational experience for Weymouth pupils before they said goodbye to their school.

Trips to the Channel Islands for St John’s Primary School pupils are something of an institution and this year marks the 25th year of the Guernsey residential.

About 20 pupils from Year 6 enjoyed four nights exploring the island in one of their last school projects before breaking up for the summer term and preparing to go onto secondary schools.

Deputy head Richard Pask, who was among the adults joining the trip, said the group travelled with Condor Ferries and were invited onto the bridge by the captain.

Referring to the possibility that Condor could be leaving Weymouth for Poole, he said: “We, along with everyone else in Weymouth, very much hope they will be here next year.

“We plan to go next year and hope it will be from Weymouth.”

Mr Pask said the trip was educational as the children visited historic sites and places connected to the Second World War including the German underground hospital and Castle Cornet.

Pupils were encouraged to write about the things they saw and it contributed to work they did on returning to school.

Mr Pask said: “The children behaved very well and in fact the school received a letter from some guests staying at the same hotel in Guernsey, praising the children for their behaviour.”

He added: “It’s a bit of an institution going to Guernsey and we’re happy to see it continue.”