MOTORISTS on Portland are continuing to take an illegal short-cut that could risk lives.

Drivers have been urged to stop travelling the wrong way down a one-way street in Fortuneswell.

The Echo reported last year how motorists were taking an illegal left turn at the junction of Spring Gardens and Fortuneswell to cut up through Ventnor Road towards the Verne Prison.

A number of complaints were made at the time to Dorset Police from residents, local businesses and the local school crossing patrol officer.

Despite a warning from Dorset Police, drivers have still been spotted travelling the wrong way.

Glenn Chadwick, who represents Tophill West for Portland Town Council, said appropriate action would be taken if the matter was raised to the council officially.

He said: “As Portland Town Council, we will certainly look into it and deal with the relevant bodies.”

Cllr Chadwick, who lives in Fortuneswell, said they were aware of the issue.

He said: “I’m not quite sure how we can change it. It’s done a lot. I know it’s an issue during school time.”

Cllr Chadwick said it was difficult to think of a way of resolving the issue.

He added: “We can’t reduce the width of that road anymore because of the level of traffic that comes up and the size of the traffic.”

Resident Tracy McCarthy, who lives in Fortuneswell, said drivers were continuing to ignore the law.

Speaking to the Echo, she said: “They are also coming up from Spring Gardens and reversing down to the Co-op in the middle of the road. That’s during the day as well. When the lollipop lady was stood there, the cars used to drive around her on the pavement.”

Drivers who choose to take the route could receive a £30 fine for contravening a local traffic order. Tracy said she’d like to see this sanction implemented more.

She said: “Some of the cars are going up there three or four times a day. I don’t think they’d do it again if they get fined every time they did it.

“The drivers don’t care. If the kids are there or not, on the pavement, they don’t care.”