PREHISTORIC reptiles are invading the skies over the Jurassic Coast this summer thanks to a pioneering idea from a Dorchester business.

Jurassic Kites has developed an innovative kite shaped like a pterodactyl, a flying reptile that lived on Earth approximately 200 to 140 million years ago.

The pterodactyl kite has a wing span of nearly one and a half metres and can fly in up to 25mph winds, giving older children a chance to step back in time and bring the Dorset coastline to life as they sail these creatures through the air.

Project manager Martin Cooke said Jurassic Kites even include a leaflet with the kite which describes the rich history of the area, as they felt it was important to highlight the important heritage.

“We focused on making the kites fun but also something educational as well.

“It’s not just something to fly and then throw away, and we’re hoping some kids will hang them up from their ceilings because they aren’t just kites in the traditional sense.

“The kites are definitely inspired by the Jurassic Coast and we wanted to make something realistic-looking, so we spent a lot of time finding the right designer who could develop an affordable product that looks good and sails well.”

Mr Cooke explained that the product has already been gaining a lot of interest locally and nationally.

He said: “The Royal Armoury in Leeds called us to order 40 kites because they are doing an exhibition on dinosaurs and wanted to show people what pterodactyls looked like by hanging them in the air.

“We’ve also been selling them at local visitor’s centres and museums like the Dorch-ester County Museum. It’s been doing well so far.”

For more information call Jurassic Kites on 01305 848156 or visit