AN ‘APPALLED’ MP says he is pushing for something to be done about a crossing point on a road where three people have died.

South Dorset MP Richard Drax has written to the county council following the fatal accident on the A354 Weymouth Way last weekend.

The crash, which killed 23-year-old motorcyclist Max Fryman and 63-year-old pedestrian Janice Short and her dog, happened in the same spot Lily-Mae Jeffries was killed in 2012.

After five-year-old Lily’s death, safety measures were put in place on the 50mph stretch of road, consisting of pedestrian crossing points and a toucan crossing to the north of Chafeys roundabout.

But since the double fatality last Saturday, residents and councillors believe more should be done.

A reduced speed limit, traffic lights and a footbridge have been suggested.

Mr Drax said: “I was very sad to hear about this tragic accident.

“I have written to the county council for reassurance about what they are considering to do next, for two accidents like this to happen on the same spot is appalling. I am appalled that this has happened again on the same spot as little Lily-Mae Jeffries.”

Mr Drax said he has been in contact with the father of Lily-Mae Jeffries since the weekend.

Last week, Dorset Police told how road safety is still a ‘serious concern’ in the county, which has a high rate of collisions resulting in fatalities and serious injuries.

Last year 28 people were killed and 334 seriously injured on Dorset’s roads.

In a bid to tackle the problem, Dorset Police will be stepping up ‘No Excuse’ enforcement from October.

A sergeant, six constables and two dedicated members of police staff will solely concentrate on ‘no excuse’ enforcement and follow-up enquiries in relation to issued tickets where the motorist failed to respond to the penalty.

Officers will issue fixed penalty notices and also provide an educational booklet which gives guidance on avoiding driving carelessly.