A CAMPAIGN group has been set up to show support for a proposed wind farm near Charminster.

Broadview Energy is planning to erect six wind turbines on land at Slyer’s Lane and the proposals have provoked a mixed reaction from the village.

The No Slyer’s Lanes Turbines group was set up by residents opposed to the proposed scheme.

However, a new group has been formed to highlight the benefits of clean energy to the local environment.

The Slyer’s Lane Clean Energy Group has now been launched after a meeting of residents to consider the impact of the wind farm. Broadview claims the six turbines will produce enough energy to provide electricity for the equivalent of up to 80 per cent of the homes in Dorchester.

Kerry Mellor, a member of Slyer’s Lane Clean Energy Group said: “We believe it’s a win-win situation for our energy supply and the environment and we’re calling on residents to support the Slyer’s Lane planning application.

“Energy from Slyer’s Lane would be clean, renewable energy that’s produced safely and that makes a contribution to the UK’s energy security.

“Our local area would also benefit from a ‘community fund’, which Broadview Energy has pledged to annually contribute a minimum of £60,000.”

A parish council survey carried out last year demonstrated that most people in Charminster and nearby Charlton Down, are ambivalent about the proposals and the remainder are fairly evenly split between ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ wind energy.

Kerry said: “A prominent ‘anti-wind’ campaign is skewing the debate.

“Residents also need to hear about the many benefits that wind power offers.

“The Slyer’s Lane Clean Energy Group has been set up to give a voice to those in the village who support clean energy production in our area.

“For the sake of our environment and the world at large, we – and many other communities like ours – must embrace wind power and do our bit towards securing the future.”

Pleased with support

A SPOKESMAN for Broadview said it was pleased with the support from the community.

They said: “We’re pleased that members of the community recognise the benefits.

“Sadly, often those who want to support a progressive, sustainable and independent energy future get shouted down by a vocal minority.

“National polls have consistently shown majority support for wind power and the feedback we have received through our numerous consultation activities has shown us that there is local support for our proposal.”