POLICE are urging motorists to secure their valuables after a spate of vehicle thefts in and around Dorchester.

Thieves targeted a further two parked vehicles in the county town over the weekend.

Tools were taken from a vehicle on Olga Road and from another in Poundbury Crescent.

DI  Steve Foot said: If you can mark tools then do so, at the very least make a note of individual serial numbers.

“During last week Dorchester section received numerous reports of theft, both rural and town.

“These were all opportunistic type thefts, that are too a certain degree preventable.

“Thieves are targeting vans and cars in villages and towns, looking for easy opportunities to steal whatever they can see is in the vehicle, or what they think maybe inside.”

He added: “Tradesman type vehicles that contain tools are the main target - tools are generally not marked and therefore very easy to sell-on, and very difficult to trace, should they ever be recovered.”