A SCHOOLGIRL from Weymouth has created a poster in a fight to get people to clean up dog mess that is blighting her walk to school.

Tegan Carter, aged seven, a pupil at Conifers School, got fed up after seeing the mess every day as she walked or cycled to and from school.

The passageway connecting Shirecroft Road and Cornwall Close, next to Weymouth Crematorium, has been plagued with dog mess in recent months, with many local families using it during the school run.

Another issue facing the families is that dog walkers are picking up after their dogs, but dumping the bags on the side of the passageway.

Now, Tegan got so fed up with the mess that she created a poster at home, pleading with dog owners to clean up after their pets.

The poster says: “Please pick up after your dog, this is used as our school lane.”

Tegan said: “I made the poster because some people didn’t pick up the dog mess at all, and then when they did pick it up they would put it in bags and just put the bags on the side.

“It got a bit horrible and some time when I went to school on my bike I would ride through it and it would get stuck on my wheels which meant mummy had to clean it off the wheels.”

“We have a dog called Eddy and when we take him for a walk we put his mess in bags and either put it in a bin or take it home, so why can’t other people pick up after their own dogs and take it home or put it in a bin.”

Tegan’s mother, Sally, helped her create the poster.

Mrs Carter said: “It has been going on for so long and we are fed up with it now. Last week it was spread down the whole alley.

“If they can put it in bags, why can’t they take it to the nearest bin or home to put in their home bins, it’s ridiculous.”

Cllr Mike Goodman, spokesman for Community Safety at Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, said the council was taking the issue seriously Cllr Goodman said: “The borough council takes complaints of dog fouling seriously, it’s unpleasant and can spread disease.

“Our dog warden has stepped up patrols in this area and if necessary will issue an offending dog owner with a fixed penalty notice.

“The provision of bins in the area will be looked at but we also encourage dog owners to bag and bin, take home and dispose of in the normal manner.

“The majority of dog owners in Weymouth are very responsible and clear up after their dog, but we ask the public to help us by reporting any repeat offenders so we can investigate.”