‘HEARTLESS’ thieves stole a Weymouth lad’s bike a week after he got it for his birthday.

Nine-year-old Eoin Kelly was given the blue and white Apollo sandstorm mountain bike for his birthday, but a week later it was stolen from outside a friend’s house.

Police are investigating the theft and are urging anyone with information about it to get in contact.

Eoin’s mum Claire Kelly said her son rode his new bike from their house off Littlemoor Road in Weymouth to a friend’s house in Geelong Close.

He left the bike at the gate of the garden and went into the house, and when he came out a few minutes later the bike was gone.

Mrs Kelly said: “He feels awful, absolutely gutted.”

She added: “How can someone come along the road, see a bike, an opportune moment, and just take a child’s bike?

“It’s very heartless.”

Eoin went out to look for the bike, but has not been able to find it. A few years ago he was the victim of crime when someone stole his other bike. He had wanted another bike so that he could ride to school and Mrs Kelly said she finally relented. Eoin had saved up some money and brought himself a cycle helmet and bike lock. Unfortunately he had left the lock at home when it was stolen.

Mrs Kelly said: “It’s thoughtless and heartless.

“It’s not as though it’s an everyday occurrence buying a bike. It was his birthday present - that’s the whole point.”

She added: “He’s just an innocent lad and wouldn’t think anything of anybody. I don’t know what he thinks now. He’s absolutely gutted.”

Dorset Police are investigating.

A spokesman for the force said: “This was reported to us on Tuesday, July 22 at 1.15pm. They reported the bike was stolen between 1pm and 1.05pm.

“It was an unlocked Apollo sandstorm child’s mountain bike, with 24inch wheels and a blue and white frame. It was stolen from outside a property at Geelong Close.”

Witnesses and anyone with information should call Dorset Police on 101.