FANCY a trip to one of the world’s most beautiful gardens?

No need to travel far- it’s right here in Dorset.

An advert in the Radio Times for a trip to Monet’s garden in France has been illustrated with a picture of Bennetts Water Chickerell.

The advert appeared in the last edition of the magazine, much to the amusement of the owners of the infamous Weymouth gardens.

James Bennett said: “It was spotted by my father on Friday.

“For us to be confused with Monet’s garden means we must be doing something right.

“But it just shows people don’t need to go all the way to France when it’s right here in Weymouth.

“Admittedly we don’t have the history to compete, but we do have the world’s largest collection of lilies.”

Mr Bennett said the family had not yet been in contact with the Radio Times, but would be getting in touch to point out the error.

He added: “We’re quite bemused by it really.

“I think we will have to point out they’ve used a picture of the wrong gardens.

“We do get a lot of visitors that have been to Monet’s garden. But as far as I know, no one has ever made this mistake before.”

The Echo has tried to contact Radio Times for a comment.