Many people living around Littlemoor are concerned because prospective house builder Bellway has put up high fencing across a popular field at the south eastern edge of the area.

Lines Field, opposite Primula Close, has been roamed freely for decades, both for exercising dogs and as a route between Littlemoor and Weymouth.

Aerial photographs show the field criss-crossed by paths, and these have been unchanged for at least twelve years. Now Bellway has blocked off all of these footpaths, with the exception only of the direct route to Weymouth, and a bridleway, which it has repositioned in a location that is not accessible to horses!

In fact when there was a fire in the wheat crop in the field on the Weymouth side of Lines Field, firemen had to push down the fences so that their fire tenders could reach the fire.

All-in-all, local people are outraged at the fencing.

Malcolm Beeson is convinced that the footpaths can be opened up again but he needs proof that the footpaths have been used for the past twenty years.

Malcolm has discussed this with Dorset County Council’s Countryside Access Officer, who has provided him with the appropriate maps and forms.

If people will work with Malcolm to fill out the forms, then the paths will be declared ‘official footpaths’ and protected into the future.

Whether you are a Littlemoor resident or not, if you have been using, or know of someone who has used these footpaths for at least twenty years then please get in contact with him on the number below.

We need to act now to protect these paths for future generations.

To get in touch with Malcolm you can email at or give him a ring on 01305-832572.

Can you play chess? Would you like to learn or maybe help to teach others?

You’re never too young or old to take up this fascinating ancient board game and it exercises the mind like no other.

Two keen local chess players would like to start up a chess club. If you are interested please contact me.