RESIDENTS have teamed together to repair a Weymouth road that the county council refused to fix.

The road behind Ferrybridge Cottages is ‘unadopted’ which means it is not owned by anyone and it does not fall under the responsibility of the council.

Residents say the road was damaged during the storms at the beginning of the year, causing large potholes and a request to the county council for a donation of tarmac scalping was refused but was later provided at a cost of around £200 Resident, Terry Hawker said: “We decided we would all chip in and raise the money to do it ourselves and it worked out at costing around £20 each.

“We’re all over the moon with the result, it’s nice to be able to walk down the road without getting your feet wet after it’s rained because of the huge puddles that were on the road where the potholes were.

“Everybody really got stuck in and helped out. My neighbour offered to help wheel some of the stuff out and she’s 80 years old.

“I did the rolling which was a bit of a bone-rattling job.”

It took the residents around three days to complete it.

Mr Hawker said: “I’m so pleased with the spirit of the community on the lane, everyone chipped in however they could, they really worked like trojans.”

Travis Perkins supplied the residents with a Tarmac roller at half the usual cost so they could finish fixing the road.

“I want to say thank you to Travis Perkins for the roller,” said Mr Hawker. “When we told them we were pensioners and we didn’t have a lot they offered us a discount.

“Dorset County Council also deserves a thank you as they were very responsive and supplied us with Tarmac scalping very quickly.”