STAFF and performers at the Forever Sun festival claim they have not been paid.

The Echo has been contacted to musicians, companies and employees who performed or worked at the festival who claim they have been left out of pocket.

They also allege that they have been unable to get in touch with the festival organisers David and Alice Williams, and their calls are not being returned.

It has been claimed that tens of thousands of pounds are owed following the festival However, it has also been stated that while there were similar issue with payment following last year’s event people were all eventually paid.

Held at the Came Down Estate on July 26 and 27, the Forever Sun Festival was returning to Dorchester for its second year and was headlined by the Happy Mondays.

Two of the festival’s managers, Jack Daniels and Roland Harries, say they were employed by David and Alice Williams and both allege they have not been paid.

Jack Daniels was hired as stage manager and compere and said he was owed £1,500.

He said he had also been inundated with calls from people who had not been paid.

Mr Daniels said: “I have been promised I will get paid, but nobody can get hold of David Williams, he doesn’t seem to be talking to anybody. I am told that everyone will be paid, we had the same problems last year with this.

Roland Harries was employed by the organisers to provide the bars at the festival.

He alleged that on the Monday morning, a group of seven or eight people complained about lack of payment to the organisers.

Mr Harries said the group were owed £50,000 and were now considering legal action if they were not paid.

Mr Harries said: “I was employed to provide the bars, and I still haven’t been paid and I haven’t seen them since.

“When we confronted them on the Monday, they said they were not sure where the money had gone, whether they had overspent or over budgeted, or if it had been taken.”

Two managers of the bars at the festival also contacted the Echo and said they were not paid, with both workers missing out on nearly £500 each. Mr Harries stated that it was Mr Williams’ responsibility to pay the managers.

Taloch Jameson, frontman of The Dolmen, a Weymouth-based band who headlined on Friday night, said the cheque they received from organisers as payment did not clear when they tried to pay it in.

Mr Jameson said: “They paid us by cheque and when we tried to pay it in, it never cleared. The festival in itself was a cracking night and I can’t fault they way that it all went, the only complaint we have is that the cheque didn’t clear and since the festival, we can’t get hold of them, they have disappeared.

“We really need this money, we are a self employed band and the money we earn we live off, so without the money it is massive worry.”

Not Completely Blonde, pictured left, is a trio of 19-year-old pop-folk singers from Shropshire made up of Aliana Chambers, Beth Jones and Fiona Mackellir.

They made the 450 mile round-trip to perform at the festival.

When they arrived on the Saturday, they tried to collect their cheque for £180 but were allegedly told that the festival had run out of cheques.

They then gave their bank details for a payment to be made but two weeks after the event they have still not been paid.

The band’s manager, Hugh Chambers, said it was disgraceful they hadn’t been paid and was now considering legal action against the festival organisers.

Mr Chambers said: “We have tried everything to get in touch with the organisers, phone, email, we have left message but heard nothing back from them.

“I think it’s disgraceful that these organisers appear to have run off leaving a mountain of debt behind without any contact whatsoever.

“I hope there is an innocent explanation and that matters can be rectified, but I have warned the girls it’s not looking hopeful.”

Despite numerous attempts, David and Alice Williams failed to respond for a comment when contacted by the Echo.