More than 150 pupils from local schools in Weymouth have taken part in a huge art project.

The pieces have been designed after pupils took part in a visit to Weymouth Sea Life earlier on in the year.

They were so moved by the gracefulness of the seahorses at Weymouth Sea Life Park that they decided to have plywood seahorses as their community art installation wall for 2014.

Local carpenter Darren Balsden supplied and cut out all of the plywood templates by hand.

This year, the Sea Life Park is celebrating the ‘Year of the Seahorse’ after campaigning during Chinese New Year about using and selling the creatures in traditional medicines and as decorations.

Vikki Gibson, the Project Coordinator for the art installation wall, said: “We decided to work with Weymouth Sea Life this year as they are campaigning for seahorses and thought it would be a fantastic asset to the perimeter of the Park so the public can also view them. The pupils have been so excited to see their designs up and they look amazing.

“Thanks must also go to trainee teacher Penny Taylor who worked closely with me on this project and briefed the schools with creative ideas and facts about seahorse conservation.”

Marketing Coordinator for the Park, Laura Culshaw, said: “The children have worked so hard on this project and it was so lovely to welcome so many of them to the Park for a visit. The seahorses are a beautiful asset to the local art scene and we’re very proud to be looking after them.”

‘Selfies’ with the seahorse designs have already been posted on the Park’s social media pages and the team would love to see more with the hashtag #seahorseartwall.

The seahorse designs can be found on the outer perimeter of the Park on the main fence facing the Preston Beach Road, Sea Life Land Train Stop and Preston Beach Wall.