Visitors to Weymouth will have a new sight to see as flags will soon be flying all along the Esplanade.

Weymouth BID have ordered 20 flags with variations on the ‘We Welcome’ WEYMOUTH branding to be hung from flag poles along the Esplanade, which are expected to be installed in the next few weeks.

The flag poles were initially installed as part of the town’s role hosting the 2012 Olympic sailing events, and in recent years have featured flags designed by pupils from local schools.

The brightly coloured flags are just one measure which will brighten up the town to make it more appealing to tourists, and Weymouth’s Business Improve-ment District says the measure is one development in a long line of promotions.

There will also be three large street banners in St Thomas’ and St Mary’s Street to promote Weymouth to the thousands of people who come to the town every year.

The flags and banners form part of a wider scheme run by the BID to ‘dress the town’ and make it more welcoming, which includes the recently-launched Weyfarer welcome volunteer scheme.

Last week the first group of volunteers completed their training and were on hand to greet nearly 600 passengers from German cruise ship Astor, which docked at Portland Port.

Weymouth BID manager Nigel Reed said: “The idea is to improve the look and feel of the town.

“One of the first things we looked at was putting flags back up on the Esplanade and in addition to posters on the rotundas along the Esplanade, which are already in place, there will be more coming to shops and the railway station as well.”

He added: “It’s an expansion of the ‘We Welcome, We Stay, We Play’ branding theme.

“The whole promotion will run throughout the town for visitors so they recognise the branding.”

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