PORTLAND coastguards had a busy evening helping to rescue people sut off by the tide.

Just before 12noon on Monday, the slipper of the 32ft ketch Sea Tangla, called Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, to report that his 52-year old wife had sustained a head injury onboard whilst they were on passage into Weymouth Harbour. Coastguards maintained communications as the vessel entered harbour and arranged for him to be met by a South West Ambulance paramedic on berthing.

Just after 6pm Portland MRCC received a called from a woman, who was cut off by the tide at the old breakwater, Lyme Regis with six children.

The Lyme Regis inshore lifeboat was sent to help them and everyone was picked up and taken back to shore safely.

A sail boat drifting out to sea was reported by a concerned member of the public just before 7pm on Swanage.

Portland coastguards sent rescue officers to investigate the area but nothing untoward was found.

Two teenagers were cut off by the tide on the eastern side of Charmouth Beach at 9pm on Monday.

It appeared that they had been fossiling.

A member of the public called the Portland coastguards on 999 and kept a watch on the boys as they made their way through the water, back to the safety of the mainland.

Just before 9.30pm a family member called Portland coastguard concerned about two males on Wareham River. Coastguard rescue officers were sent to investigate.

The males were located aboard a yacht and taken back to shore into the care of Coastguard officers, before being taken home by friends.