A survey of Weymouth’s transport system is due to be carried out in the autumn.

Independent experts will carry out a stage four road safety audit. They will look at key areas of the scheme to ensure it meets national standards.

Dorset County Council revamped Weymouth’s transport network as part of hosting the sailing events for the Olympic Games.

One of the aims of the £9.3m project was to improve traffic flow around the town and reduce the need for motorists to use King Street and the Esplanade which often get congested.

The auditors will take into account all road users, not just motorists.

This is the final stage of evaluation of the scheme. Previous inspections looked at the design and construction of the project.

This time the auditors will take into account accident records to look at any trends. After identifying potential road safety problems they will make recommendations on possible solutions.

The county council will take this advice along with the diverse and widespread views of local residents to improve areas such as: • Boot Hill/Harbour Crossroads • The Wyke Road/Rodwell Rd junction • The Jubilee clock junction on the Esplanade.


Cllr Mike Byatt, county council member for Weymouth Town, said: “The county council have been mindful of the needs of the town’s residents and visitors. This review will help ensure that our transport plan is fit for purpose and is integrated into Weymouth town centre’s ‘master’ plan.”

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