A PAIR of Dorchester charity shops are backing a crisis appeal to support people affected by the conflict in Gaza.

The Oxfam shops in South Street are getting behind the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal and people can donate to the cause in store.

Owain Lloyd, who runs the main shop, said: “We are urging the people of Dorchester to be as generous as they can and help us raise the funds to help the people of Gaza put their lives back together.

“We are only calling for money donations as this is the best way to help.”

Derek Turnbull, who runs the Oxfam bookshop, added: “We have all seen on our television screen the terrible scenes of destruction and heartbreaking stories of loss.

“People need our help to put their lives back together.

“Many are in desperate need of a roof over their heads, clean water, food and medical help.”

The conflict in Gaza has seen thousands of people forced to flee their homes and aid agencies supported by the DEC are rapidly increasing the level of assistance they are providing.

Oxfam is currently delivering safe water to as many as 175,000 people a day and British Red Cross partners are supporting emergency medical services.

For more details on the appeal visit dec.org.uk. To make a donation visit the town’s Oxfam shops.