Doubt has been cast on whether a new football stadium may ever be built at Lodmoor in Weymouth.

It was revealed this week that planners were recommending approval for the new Weymouth Football Club stadium but the land is still owned by the borough council and there is no indication that they are prepared to sell.

The plans will be discussed by the planning and traffic committee meeting on Tuesday, when councillors will decide whether to approve or reject a proposed stadium on Lodmoor Way.

Cllr Ian Bruce, communities and facilities briefholder at the council, also said any move for the club was “miles away.”

A planning application for a new home stadium for Weymouth Football Club has been submitted by Wessex Delivery LLP, for the development of 2.48 hectares of land on Lodmoor Way between the beach car park and a civic amenities site. The proposals include a stadium with covered stands, a training pitch, floodlights and community facilities including a cafe and a shop and a new car park.

The plans have received the backing from council officers who recommended councillors approve the development.

But Cllr Ian Bruce said that even though a planning application had been submitted by developers for the land, the council owned the land and had not sold it.

Cllr Bruce said that while he could in no way pre-empt what fellow councillors may decide at the planning meeting, the land remained in the ownership of the council.

He said: “Whatever happens at the planning application meeting on Tuesday, this land is owned by the borough council and we have not accepted any offer from the developers for the land.

“The council has a number of plans to utilise this land for the benefit of the area so nobody should assume that anybody is ready to move.

“The council own the site, but the ownership of the site and planning permissions are two separate things and 15 members of the planning committee will look at the planning aspect let alone the ownership aspects.”

The plans for the new stadium and the redevelopment of the Bob Lucas stadium have divided opinion within the town.

A proposed 170-home development for the Bob Lucas Stadium has been rejected by West Dorset District Council and Wessex LLP has appealed the decision.

A hearing will be held in November.

Cllr Bruce also said any proposed move for the club would hinge on the decision in the winter. He added: “As community facilities brief holder I am perfectly satisfied we have a good stadium for Weymouth and Portland at the Wessex Stadium and there is no need to move it.”