IF you want a calm and peaceful day by the sea, one of the best ways to spend this is to go fishing. There are many places across Weymouth and Portland to cast your line.

It is also a great thing for the kids too. It’s fairly easy and you don’t have to travel too far from where you are staying. Perhaps the only problem will be a lack of patience.

The best place to take the kids is down to Weymouth’s Old Harbour. You can sit down on the concrete edge all the way along from Westham Road Bridge, which separates it from Radipole Lake nature reserve.

Down here fish can be often seen swimming around the boats, but they can be difficult to catch. Near the town bridge is one of the best places to try.

You can also try the south side of the harbour, alongside the shops and pubs which are great for your evening meal to end the day. Again, the amenities are great and there are usually others crabbing as well.

Walking all the way down, you can also fish on the Stone Pier. Most people who fish here use hook and line but you can still see many young children giving it ago.

If the children are slightly older, you may want to venture to Portland. Church Ope Cove is the safest but it is quite difficult to get to especially if it’s been raining.