A SEARCH and rescue mission was launched to find a missing swimmer off Jurassic Coast.

At 2.21pm on Wednesday Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Weymouth, received a call from a father, concerned he had lost sight of his son as he swam around Durdle Door.

The man told the coastguards his son was a strong and experienced sea swimmer but was concerned that he could not see him after he swam through the arch and towards Lulworth Cove.

Coastguards put out a broadcast to all boats in the nearby area, but as none responded, Portland Coastguard Helicopter was sent to investigate.

Coastguard rescue officers from Lulworth and the Weymouth sector manager were sent to search from the land and the fisheries protection aircraft, Watchdog 92, was also scrambled.

Once on scene the helicopter located the swimmer further east than had been anticipated, but making good progress.

The helicopter stayed to keep watch on the swimmer until he arrived safely inside Lulworth Cove where he was met by Lulworth coastguards and the sector manager.

The coastguards spoke to the man and discovered that he had been caught in an eddy which had taken him further and faster than he had expected.

A spokesman for the coastguards said the man was fine and did not need any medical attention.