A PLUCKY group of 11 women decided to bare all in the name of cancer research.

Hens and Guns in Bere Regis, who host shoots in Purbeck, decided to pose for a calendar similar to the one used in the film Calendar Girls to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

The risqué shoot for the calendar started last November and the group, Karen Rees, Claire Vincent, Lorrayne Harris, Clare Bundy, Charmain Plummer, Sarra Dellou, Lisa Macdonald-Smith, Emma Johns, Annabelle Mackendrick, Lisa Lupton and Paula Reeks, ditched the clothes and posed for the calendar.

Now, the group will officially launch the calendar at a charity clay pigeon shoot to be held off the A35 in Bloxworth on September 21, with all money for the shoot being donated to the charity.

Mrs Vincent said: “It all started after a cousin of mine, Mark Harris, was given the right to go stalking in Scotland after a friend of his died from pancreatic cancer and his friend donated it in his will.

“It was a discussion over the dinner table to raise money for the charity and we thought it would be a good idea to produce a calendar like the one used in the Calendar Girls film, but we wanted to use women who go shooting rather than models.”

The calendars cost £10 with proceeds going to the Pancreatic Cancer Research fund. The group has already raised more than £1,000 after the first 100 were bought by friends and family.

Mrs Vincent also said the women had a good time as they posed for the calendar, with the pictures taken by Mr Harris.

She added: “When we were taking the pictures, it was incredibly exhilarating, everybody enjoyed doing it.

“We had to be careful where we were shooting as a lot of them were done outdoors, and we had to get permission to take the pictures on private grounds, but it was all done in the end.

“I lost my father to cancer last year, and taking the pictures was a walk in the park compared to what people who have cancer go through. We just want to raise as much money as we can.”

For more details on the charity shoot, call Lisa on 07796 271536 or Karen on 07818 112719 and to purchase a calendar email hensandguns2015@gmail.com.