MISSING boats, a speedboat in trouble and a dog that fell over a cliff were all helped by Portland Coastguards.

At 3.09 am on Sunday Portland MRCC were alerted to a yacht that was late getting into Portland harbour.

The concerned partner of the skipper of the 24ft yacht SUMMER BREEZE called to report that the vessel was overdue on passage from Cherbourg to Portland.

Coastguards called the vessel, which responded and confirmed that he was just arriving in Portland Harbour, tired but safe and well.

At 11.50am a concerned of the public who was monitoring three kayakers who were transiting from Worbarrow Bay to Swanage, called the coastguards to say they had not arrived.

The coastguards alerted St Albans Head and Swanage National Coastwatch lookouts and they spotted the kayakers and kept them under observation until they arrived in Swanage.

Coastguards helped to rescue a broken down speedboat.

At 5pm on Sunday, Portland coastguard received a 999 call from a speedboat with three adults, two children and three dogs onboard which had suffered engine failure in Wareham Channel, Poole Harbour.

The harbour boat, Vigilant, offered assistance and took the speedboat under tow to the quay.

Portland coastguards were called to help rescue a dog called Missie that had gone over a cliff in Devon.

They sent Exmouth and Beer coastguard rescue teams to perform a rope rescue and get the dog.

Missie had minor injuries and was taken to a local vet for treatment.