LOOKING to get outside and be active with the kids this summer? Then why not try one of the many water sports available here in Weymouth!

Take a relaxing sailing trip around Portland Harbour or, if you have the balance and skill, go paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is a surface water sport where you stand on a larger than normal surfboard whilst paddling forward with an elongated kayak style paddle. If you pick it up fast try catching a wave to get that extra surf experience.

When the days are windy the more adventurous can learn to wind surf with a number of organisations offering lessons to get you started.

With the fantastic beach at Weymouth and surrounding areas, families can take part in the most popular of water sports - body boarding and surfing. Regular lessons are available throughout the year, starting with body boarding and building up until you’re ‘ridin’ the wave dude’.

For those wanting excitement in a slower paced environment, Jurassic Kayak tours offer the opportunity to take part in a fun water sport as well as seeing some of the amazing cliff formations close up. With some of the most stunning sights being at sea, kayaks offer the perfect experience, allowing visitors to get in touching distance of the rocky formations.