BREWERS Quay will continue to house businesses until redevelopment gets underway.

The lease for the Brewers Quay Emporium, which was set to expire in September 2015, has been extended for another year until 2016.

Director of the emporium Paul Cartlidge, pictured below, said he was pleased the building would be able to continue housing the business.

But he added that the lease extension means the redevelopment may not begin for up to two years.

Mr Cartlidge said: “They are looking to start work within 18 months to two years.

“The lease extension is great news for us and we are really delighted to be able to stay here, because it is such a vibrant part of Weymouth.

“We opened around Easter 2013 and the business seems to be very popular with tourists and residents alike.”

Plans were put on show recently for a multi-million pound project to redevelop the area, as reported by the Dorset Echo.

A planning application, which includes flats, shops and a restaurant, is set to be submitted in the coming weeks.

As part of the redevelopment, there would be a permanent home for the Weymouth Museum and additional space for indoor tourist and cultural attractions.

Homes are also being considered to replace Newtons Road car park, which sits behind the site.

This would help finance the Brewers Quay redevelopment.

As a separate application, Brewers Quay Investments LLP has said one application cannot work without the other.

Mr Cartlidge added: “These things do take time and if they put in an application for planning permission, it may not be discussed until early next year. I understand that if the plans go ahead, it will be done in stages with major works to the building beginning in late 2016.

I am looking at expanding my business, so hopefully by then we will have a number of outlets in the area.”

Alastair Ross, a partner in Brewers Quay Investments LLP was not available for comment.