PRIVATE Lewis White has won a Parachute Regiment award after finishing his recruit training. Private White, 19, from Dorchester, has successfully completed the Combat Infantryman’s Course at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

His platoon commander, Captain Ashley Neve, said: “Private White has won the Champion Recruit award. A combination of his natural ability and hard work meant he performed well in every aspect of the course. He kept this level of performance going for the whole six months’ training which put him at the top of a very strong platoon.” Private White will receive his award at the pass out parade ceremony at the Infantry Training Centre on 22 August.

Private White said: “I did a couple of labouring jobs and played a lot of rugby before I joined the army, I was just biding my time while going through the recruiting process.

“I wanted to be the best soldier possible and that meant being in The Parachute Regiment, they’re known as the best and toughest regiment in the British Army. The course at Catterick is hard, but you all pull together and that’s what gets you through.

“I’m very happy with winning this award, it was also a bit of a shock because there are some good lads in the platoon. I suppose I got the award because I did what I had to do to the best of my ability every time. My grandad is the only other member of the family who was in the forces, he was in the navy, so they’re all really proud of me.”

Private White will go on some well earned leave before joining his new unit the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Colchester.