By Jack Welch from the Walking in their Shoes project

As the centenary commemorations of World War One unite the country in pride and sadness at those lost in the War, volunteers at Dorset Youth Association were proud to unveil a brand new historical walk.

Through the “Walking in their Shoes” project, members of the public can discover just what it was like to live as a soldier in Dorset during this difficult period as part of the Heritage Lottery-funded project.

Designed and led by young people who have given their spare time, the event at Dorchester’s Corn Exchange was a perfect example in which young people could show their enthusiasm and commitment for the heritage of their local communities.

Numerous boxes are placed across the walk through Dorchester, Moreton and Bovington, which allow treasure hunters to find boxes using GPS satellite signals or more traditional map clues to find and read the captivating stories.

Many of these tales come as result from the support we have had from The Keep Military Museum and The Tank Museum.

An app and official website for this part of the project will be available to allow people to interact with this trail.

Accompanied by the current Mayor of Dorchester, Councillor Peter Mann, and Chairman of Dorset Youth Association, Alan Knott, volunteers in soldiers’ uniforms and period dress took special guests to be the first finders of the hidden boxes around the town.

With the success of this and our showcase, the project moves into the next stage – following an Anglo-Saxon Monk.

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