DORSET County Museum is celebrating after a joint project with Brunel University was awarded a £55,000 grant by a government-sponsored organisation.

The Dorset Experience project aims to explore the delivery of visitor information on the heritage and history of the countryside, and is focusing on virtual environment software to engage visitors with historic landscapes in new and exciting ways.

The award will help a multi-skilled team from the University to conduct a feasibility study and test the software in real situations.

The project will be under the direction of project manager Dr Jon Murden from Dorset County Museum.

Dr David Bell, from Brunel University’s department of computer science said: “Our vision is of an enhanced landscape where visitors to Dorset can effectively engage with the archaeological history and related artefacts within Dorset County Museum.

“Visitors will be able to view, in the landscape, a mix of images, video, sound and games through mobile devices which will direct them on a more emotional journey that is personalised to their interests, profile, time and place.”

Paul Lashmar, who initiated the project, said: “We are delighted with the award which allows us to undertake the first phase of the project.”

The Technology Strategy Board is sponsored by the government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and was set up to stimulate economic growth by supporting business-led innovation.

The launch of the iSEE mobile app will take place this week with a day-long programme of events spread across Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Museum and Maiden Castle, all in Dorchester.