STAFF from one of Dorchester’s fastest growing companies have covered 25,000 miles in just 150 days, the equivalent of travelling around the world, and they won’t be stopping there.

The plan is to go around the world at least twice more. It’s all part of RiskSTOP’s ‘Round The World Challenge’ - an initiative to boost the health and well-being of the company’s employees, while also raising significant funds for local charities.

The company has pledged to make a donation for every mile covered. To complete the challenge, RiskSTOP employees were each given a pedometer in April this year to record the distance they cover each day. As well as everyday walking, the company has scheduled a host of activities throughout the year including cycling, hiking, running and even rounders.

“These activities are all part of what we’ve called our ‘Feeling Good’ programme,” explained RiskSTOP Managing Director, Danny Lillington. “It’s not just about our people covering the distance, but it’s about the benefits to our staff’s health and well-being.”

In addition, RiskSTOP has teamed up with leisure trust 1610 so that its staff can use the gym facilities at Dorchester Sports Centre.

Fraser Wilsher, from RiskSTOP, said: “It’s been a real incentive wearing a pedometer and clocking up the miles. Fitness and health is important, but it’s also great to feel part of a team knowing you’re doing your bit with everyone at RiskSTOP for good causes.”

Money raised will be donated to Hanger’s Heroes, which supports a number of local charities.

There is still just enough time to register to take part in The Hanger’s Heroes Challenge which is a half/full marathon walk or run in the South Dorset countryside near Weymouth on Saturday, 13th September. Visit