A GROUP of local activists is campaigning for more facilities for mental health service users in West Dorset. The group, led by town and county councillor Ros Kayes and service user Ros Copson, has received funding and premises in Downes Street, Bridport, through which to operate this new facility to support both service users and those recovering from mental illness in the town and surrounding communities.

The centre and centre manager will provide an informal drop-in service for individuals suffering, or who have suffered, from mental health issues.

A spokesman said: “This service will include people who have reached a level of stability in their illness, and those who may be receiving support from local mental health services.

“It will be a safe and supportive place to meet, receive information and help. People can drop in for a chat or advice. “There will also be occupational activity groups and more specific groups that enhance the wellbeing of individuals; healthy living projects, yoga, relaxation, etc. “The centre will maintain strong links with the community health services and local doctors.”

The service will run twenty hours a week split over four days, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, staffed by one senior facilitator for 20 hours supported by volunteers.

The Mental Health Drop-in Centre is grateful for all the support they have had with this project, including from DUHFT, Bridport Town Council, Rethink Mental Illness and the Moving On group.

They are looking to recruit volunteer members of the management committee, helpers and fundraisers. Anyone with experience of mental health issues is warmly invited to contact the team with ideas, offers of help or enquiries. Email lesley_archibald@btopenworld.com or call Ros Copson on 01308 422650.