FOOTBALLING legend David Beckham brought Weymouth to a standstill as he visited the town on a fishing trip with his son.

Social media sites have gone mad today with people posting tweets and Facebook statuses that the former England, Manchester United and Real Madrid star was in town.

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Beckham and his 16-year-old son Brooklyn were seen getting on a fishing boat at Weymouth harbourside at approximately 12.30pm.

Scores of people crowded the harbourside near the town bridge in an effort to catch a glimpse of the football star.

Staff at Bennett’s Fish and Chips on the harbour said how fans had been entering the shop all day asking if and where Beckham had been spotted.

Dorset Echo:

Beckham returned on the ‘Katie Ann’ fishing boat at 5pm and was greeted by more than 70 fans as he made his way off the boat with Brooklyn near the Sailors Return pub.

Lucy Keogh managed to grab a selfie with Beckham and said she was ‘so excited’ she got to meet the star.

The 16-year-old, who had been waiting at the harbourside since 1pm, added: “I didn’t believe the rumours at first but then we saw him and it was fantastic. I still can’t believe it.”

Martin Gascoigne, 57, said he’d heard what fishing boat Beckham was going to be on so waited at the harbourside with his family and friends.

Earlier on in the day Beckham was also seen having breakfast in Weymouth’s Morrisons café.

Store manager John Volney told the Echo: “Beckham came into the store with his son Brooklyn and two other men between 7.15am and 7.45am. I’d bet my mortgage it was him.

“The group ate breakfast in our café and David had a bacon and egg roll.

“He was very pleasant and courteous to our staff and personally wished me a good day when he left the store.

“One of the men with David told me they were going fishing later, and later on that day I’d heard rumours along the same lines. That’s when it all clicked in my head.

“It was quiet in the cafe when he was here, which meant no-one came up to him while he ate.

“If he wants to come in our store and have breakfast he should be able to do exactly that.

“This is not something that happens every day in Weymouth and David Beckham being in town can’t do Weymouth any harm.”

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Reader Scott Pritchard sent us in these great pictures:

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Georgia Woodham (with Chloe Legg in the background), from Bennetts Fish and Chips, meet Mr Beckham

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Amy Revell Limm tweeted us this picture of her and David:

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