New measures could be introduced in Lyme Regis to tackle the problem with seagulls in the town.
Lyme Regis Town Council’s management committee has agreed that the council needs to look into ways of educating people about the seagull problem and also try and prevent seagulls getting at leftover food.

Proposals from Cllr Richard Doney include signage on the seafront railings that emphasise that the gulls should not be fed and that waste food should be properly disposed of.

Other ways of telling people about not feeding the gulls that have been proposed include stickers for takeaway boxes, notices for food sellers to display and leaflets for holiday companies and accommodation.

Alongside the education aspect, councillors also agreed to look in to how they can work with West Dorset District Council and the Dorset Waste Partnership on how they can reduce how accessible food waste is.

Cllr Doney said: “The reasons I produced this proposal is I decided I had to.

“It is not eliminating it because realistically we can’t do that. A lot of people see seagulls as being a problem that needs to be dealt with.

“If you take the food source away they will have to go somewhere else.

“We could put signs up on the railings on the seafront with pictures of gulls taking ice cream from babies in prams.”

The Marine Parade was highlighted by council members as the area worst affected by the gulls.

Cllr Brian Larcombe called on businesses to make sure they were storing their rubbish properly.

He said that many businesses leave waste outside their premises in plastic bin bags which is easy for the gulls to get at.

He said: “Businesses must use bins every time and not plastic bags. Business waste must go in bins.”

Cllr Doney spoke about the Candles on the Cobb and how the bins were overflowing with fish and chip wrappers that were easy for the seagulls to get at.

Pricing for the production of the literature has not yet been done but councillors voted to look in to the measures.

They hope to have the leaflets and posters produced ready for next year’s summer season.

Cllr John Broom suggested that if they pay for them that the installation of new bins should be possible.