A GAS TANKER rolled down a hill striking two cars and hitting the side of a house.

Police and ambulance attended the incident on School Hill, Powerstock, earlier this morning. The road was closed while emergency services worked.

Officers said the gas tanker had been parked and stationary before it had rolled down the hill and collided with two cars and the side of a house.

Luckily no-one was injured in the crash and there surveyors have been to inspect the house, but it appears there was no structural damage.

The two vehicles involved were a silver Peugeot and a silver Peugeot 206, which belonged to Andrew and Charlotte Miller who lived in the house.

The red and white Calor gas tanker was registered to a company in Warwickshire.

Eyewitnesses said the tanker had previously been filling up a neighbour’s gas tanks.

One man said: “The tanker is resting against the cars and the side of the house. It looks like it’s gone down the hill and pushed the cars and they have slowed it before it hit the house.”

He added that the only damage appeared to be to a small wall in front of the house.

The eyewitness added: “The driver’s side corner of the tanker is resting against the front wall of the house.”

The Miller family who live in the house said they were ‘very lucky.’ Mrs Miller’s car was struck by the tanker first, which then went into Mr Miller’s car, before coming to rest against the house.

Mr Miller said: “It really was lucky. No-one was hurt. It’s half term, normally the place is full of children from school.”

He added that he had rung his car insurance company and they had been “a bit flabbergasted” as they had never come across a situation like it before.

Mr Miller added: "The tanker was delivering to the tanks at our neighbour's house. We don't know what really happened. There's not really any damage to the house, just to the outside wall."

Son William, 19, was upstairs in a bedroom above where the tanker hit. He said: “It was a shock. There was a thud. I thought there was an explosion.”

His brother Ed, 22, added: "I was having a lie-in today but I didn't get one."

Speaking at the scene, Acting Bridport Sergeant Geraint Butler said: "Around 7 o'clock this morning we got a call to a vehicle that had crashed into the house. Fire and police attended.

"On arrival the vehicle had not gone into the house. It had rolled down the hill and crashed into the other vehicle whilst it was rolling.

"A surveyor has already seen the house and he's stated there's no structural damage to the house.

"The cause of the vehicle going down the hill is unknown at this time."

The road was closed for more than two hours whilst officials from the Ministry of Transport investigated the scene.

The road was reopened at around 1pm.

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