WEYMOUTH BID is leading a campaign for improved pedestrian signage in Weymouth.

It commissioned a report to see how new signage in the town centre and at Lodmoor and Bowleaze Cove can make it easier for pedestrians and visitors to explore the area.

Streetwise Systems, which has provided similar reports for other towns and cities, was contracted to produce the survey.

The project has estimated costs of £150,000 and a 'realistic' timescale for installation is said to be just before Easter 2017.

The report looked at the different areas within the town and how each area links as well as looking at main gateways and key points across Weymouth where information should be available.

Weymouth train station was one area highlighted as having poor signage.

The report was commissioned using the Portas Pilot fund, which the Weymouth BID held on behalf of a town team application in 2012.

Nigel Reed, Weymouth BID manager, said: “Signage is often raised at various meetings about the town and its poor quality or outdated information in some areas but no review has taken place for some time.

"New signage was introduced in 2012 on the Esplanade but the original fingerpost signage is in poor condition and in some cases still points to attractions that no longer operate.

"The BID board agreed that by providing a comprehensive review would at least provide the information that confirmed the issues.”

The report recommended that a 'network of monoliths be established at gateways and key points across Weymouth'.

The aim will to be promote the many aspects of what there is to see and do, plus emphasise just how easy it is to get around on foot.

There are 55 locations and action spots recommended in the report to improve signage.

It is hoped the new signage will encourage people to discover different areas of a town by highlighting places of interest and a timescale of how long it will take to get there.

The report also highlighted there are 'certain locations where there are no street name plates or where the ones that do exist are hard to read'.

One of those identified was at Gloucester Road where it meets Esplanade.

Steve Newstead,Weymouth BID chairman, added: "The review will be widely circulated to all interested parties as the crucial factor now is where this report ends up and who should be taking responsibility for financing its implementation.

"Signage for outside of area also needs to be assessed.

"One of the first things I noticed when travelling to Weymouth is that on the M5, Weymouth is clearly signposted, however on the M3, Weymouth is not mentioned until you are well into Dorset – this has to be addressed.”

For more information visit weymouthbid.co.uk, streetwisesystems.com/index.php or call 01305 779410.