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Hand grenade found in field

Last updated:

    Police are currently on the scene at Littlemoor
  • The grenade is in the field opposite the shopping centre
  • Police are putting up a cordon


Duckorange 1:03pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Time it took for the bomb squad to arrive: 2hrs 20m
Time it took for the bomb squad to realise it was a dud and clear off home again: 3m
Well done everybody. Well done.

Score: 2
Stranger Replying Duckorange 1:25pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Time it would have taken to explode if it was real: milliseconds

Time it would have taken people to jump on here and criticise the emergency services and bomb disposal for doing nothing: also milliseconds

Score: 5
Mjollnir Replying Stranger 4:31pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Exactly right.

I have the greatest of admiration for the dog walker who spotted a hand grenade that was missing its pin, and decided to pick it up to move it to the side of the path in case somebody got hurt. That person personifies Britishness :-)

Score: 1
the realm of dreams Replying Mjollnir 4:39pm Fri 29 Apr 16

That dog walker personifies a quality not exclusive to British people but found in human society of all creeds and colours around the world.

Score: 0
Mjollnir Replying the realm of dreams 7:02pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Please tell me that you didn't really feel offended by my comment enough that you had to come here and post this?

Score: 0
the realm of dreams Replying Mjollnir 8:09pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Never offended, just wanted to clarify that we share the opinion that the qualities of selflessness and bravery are ones British people, even Muslims, should be defined by .

Score: 0
JamesHarris 1:06pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Littlemoor #notsurprised

Score: 1
Mjollnir Replying JamesHarris 4:31pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Not sure its entirely fair to blame the morons for World War 2 training exercises.

Score: 1
the realm of dreams Replying Mjollnir 4:49pm Fri 29 Apr 16

People of Littlemoor, James Young called you all morons, his address is... cough cough ;-)

Score: 1
jmc1 Replying the realm of dreams 6:39pm Fri 29 Apr 16

JamesHarris not James Young

Score: 0
Mjollnir Replying jmc1 7:03pm Fri 29 Apr 16

I think technically it was me, but at no point did i say that all people on Littlemoor are morons. I referred to "the morons" who plague the lives of the majority.

Score: 0
Finkler Replying JamesHarris 7:41pm Fri 29 Apr 16

Shame it wasn't live perhaps it could've been shoved up your arse little Lord Fauntleroy

Score: 3
retiredB22 9:03am Sat 30 Apr 16

"Here a picture" !! Great kept kids amused for ages trying to spot it. Better than a where's walley book.

Score: 1

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