ANYONE for lunch?

A keen-eyed photographer has managed to capture some stunning pictures of an otter as it popped up for a bite to eat, as the animals enjoy a resurgence in Weymouth.

The otter-ly beautiful pictures have captured the rare sight of one of the mammals fishing at Radipole Lake.

The otter was seen on Monday at around midday by John Wall, who was down at the reserve snapping pictures of the RSPB reserve’s birds.

John was on the bridge at the lake watching the harriers and keeping an eye out for the rarer bittern when he noticed a disturbance in the water.

John said: “The ducks and the wildfowl that were on the water all started moving at the same time.

“It’s lucky I got an indication that there was something disturbing them in the water.”

John was on the bridge opposite the viewing platform when in the middle of the waterway he saw the otter pop up fishing.

He added that it was “definitely without a doubt” great to catch a picture of the otter as they can be notoriously difficult to catch pictures of.

They often stay in the reeds and only when they’re fishing or searching coming out to the middle of the water.

John, 49, lives in Weymouth and is a keen amateur wildlife photographer, often heading to the reserve to take pictures of the various animals.

He said: “I’ve taken a few photos of them down there (otters).

“There’s a family with a couple of cubs, I’ve seen them a fair few times.

“It’s always good to see them.”

Rob Farrington, Dorset visitor experience manager at the RSPB, spoke of how special it is to have the animals in the town.

He said: “They’re becoming more and more common, to the extent where they’re being seen very regularly during the day.

“Otters are nocturnal but sometimes become a bit more diurnal (awake during the day).

“I suppose it is something to do with that family are getting more used to the idea of living in the middle of a town and are getting used to the people.

“There’s been a sighting at least once a week recently. It’s a really good time to see them.

“Otters were nearly extinct in England not that long ago. Seeing them in the middle of the town, living in Weymouth is very special.

“It’s not often you see otters in the middle of a town.”

There is believed to be a family with three cubs living at the lake.