A MAJOR programme of road surfacing work is underway around a Weymouth housing estate.

Parking restrictions and temporary road closures are being put into force at Westham, and buses are being diverted due to the work.

Roads are being coated with an asphalt to seal the surface and prevent water seeping in and causing damage.

Work is being carried out by Birmingham-based Kiely Bros, and leaflets have been distributed to homes as the firm moves through the estate.

It says: "The roads are inspected regularly by highways engineers to determine whether any maintenance is required. It is important that road surfaces are sealed to prevent water seeping in and to prevent oxidisation."

The firm says its coating will prolong the life of the road for many years, and that the process is a 'speedy, efficient and economic method of preventative maintenance and carrying out minor re-profiling of carriageway surfaces'.

Dorset County Council has issued a public notice regarding temporary closure of roads.

Work has already taken place in areas including Holland Road, Essex Road, Holly Road and Highland Road.

It moves onto the main Westham estate next week including resurfacing of Corporation Road and Kitchener Road.

Bus firm First Wessex says due to the work next week, it will not be able to run Service 3 to Westham between 9am-4pm and into part of the week after.

The service will instead be diverted via Goldcroft Road and Radipole Lane.