WE'VE got more shop memories this week, this time from Joan Seal of Chickerell, who used to work at the E. Glover shop on Buxton Road in Weymouth.

Mrs Seal said said: "I lived on Buxton Road and worked for Edward Glover in the early fifties.

"My name at the time was Joan Taylor. The customers were served at the counter, including Benny Hill when he was performing at the Pavilion. He always stayed locally in Clearmount Road and did his own cooking.

"Two of the girls I worked with were Barbara Bowls and Nancy Smallbone, she was the cheeky one, ribbing the boss on his Lodge nights.

"We had a delivery every week of pies and sausages by a chap called Norman, he always had a new joke to tell. I remember John and Ron as little boys, not allowed to use the shop as a playground. I continued that job even after moving to Westhill Rd in Wyke Regis."

Mrs Seal then went to work at the Liptons shop, where she was taught how to use the cheese cutter and how to scrape maggots off the bacon!

She said: "I went from there to work for Sylvie Clough in her shop at Ferrybridge Cottages.

"I eventually took over that shop and ran it till the early 70s, selling out to a couple from the Midlands, obviously a recurring theme."

Mrs Seal said the shop was turned into a house sometime in the 90s, but you can still distinguish it with its bow/bay window.

Thanks so much for getting in touch Mrs Seal, and we're glad to hear that Looking Back always stirs your memories.

We also had some input from our online commenters on this story - one of whom, 'hull terra', lived in Buxton Road from 1959 until 1977 and knew teh E.Glover shop as the 'melon shop', as there always seemed to be melons on display outside!