THIS Sunday - on the last day of Bridport's From Page to Screen Film Festival - there will be a rare chance to hear the playwright Ann Jellicoe speak about her early years in theatre.

She is best known in Lyme Regis, Bridport and Dorchester for her groundbreaking work from the 1970s till the 90s in Community Plays - a creative legacy that continues today in the forthcoming productions of Flea! at the Electric Palace and the Monmouth Community Play in Lyme Regis.

But she started her work as a playwright and director in London in the Fifties and had her biggest hit in the swinging heart of the Sixties with the The Knack at the Royal Court.

As a highlight of its 60s strand, From Page to Screen is showing the Palme D'Or winning film adaptation The Knack…And How to Get It at 2pm at the Bridport Arts Centre on Sunday.

There will be an exhibition of Ann's late husband Roger Mayne's photographs of the original play and Ann will be with her daughter Katkin Tremayne after the screening to talk to arts centre director Laura Cockett about the beginnings of her extraordinary theatrical career.

Ann will turn 90 this year but is still full of passion about the obstacles she overcame to become one of the first women to write and direct in British Theatre, as she candidly described it to Laura Cockett when she visited her in her home in West Bay: "I always loved to perform when I was young and really wanted to be an actress but I was considered just too plain to get the parts then - but that drove me on to find another way into theatre….."

*The Knack and How to Get It, with a Q&A with Ann Jellicoe, Bridport Arts Centre, Sunday, 2pm.