A BRAIN charity has won the support of the UK’s largest commercial radio company.

Media company Global’s official charity arm has selected the Dorchester-based Cavernoma Alliance UK (CAUK) as one of its beneficiaries this year.

Global’s Make Some Noise (GMSN) has chosen 33 charities to support this year and CAUK is delighted to be one of them.

The money Global’s will raise for CAUK in 2017 and 2018 will go towards the charity’s CaverFamilies initiative, which organises educational and therapeutic workshops for children and young people affected by cavernomas. 

CaverFamilies also runs a family event every year, which brings families together for four days and gives parents the space to discuss their fears and anxieties surrounding their child’s diagnosis.

Cavernomas are made up of abnormal blood vessels, the cells of which can bleed, and can cause seizures, slurred speech and numbness, among other things.

David White, chairman of the board of trustees at CAUK said: “We are delighted and honoured to have been selected by Global's. Cavernoma Alliance UK is a small charity and this will help us to increase awareness of cavernomas.”

He added: “We now have over 70 registered families, and are excited at what we can now achieve with the support of Global's.

“It will allow us to fund a much needed CaverFamilies community worker, who will dedicate their time to supporting the families and understanding their needs and requirements.”

GMSN unites some of the country’s best-loved radio stations, including Heart, Capital, LBC, Classic FM and Smooth, to raise funds and lend a voice to various small projects across the UK which support youngsters living with an illness, disability or a lack of opportunity, and their families.

The charity also help to build on the sustainability of these projects by running masterclasses on marketing, media and digital skills.

Emma Bradley, director of GMSN, said the charity wished to shine a spotlight on small charities across the UK.

She said: “They can often get overlooked, but we're in the fantastic position to be able to raise money and awareness about their brilliant work through Global's much-loved brands.”

“We're thrilled to be able to support Cavernoma Alliance UK and look forward to making lots of noise for them this year."

CAUK was set up by Dr Ian Stuart in 2005 after being diagnosed with the condition and becoming frustrated at the lack of knowledge of the condition amongst the medical community and the lack of support and information available for those with the condition.

CAUK now has over 1500 members in the UK and worldwide.