A Portland man is being kept hostage in his house by an angry family of seagulls.

Chris Pritchard, who lives in Coronation Road, is terrified to leave his house because of a vicious pair of gulls protecting their young.

The two gulls have been nesting on the roof for over a year, and Chris is happy with the arrangement. 

But recently the nest was disturbed and the chick fell from the roof on to the ground. 

It survived the fall, but now the protective parents are attacking Chris and his family every time they leave their home. 

Chris said he had contacted the RSPB, RSPCA, the council and Environmental Health about his situation but no one can help.

He said: “We had some workmen on our roof recently and it accidentally disturbed the nest. 

“The chick fell on to the ground and since then we are attacked every time we go out. 

“We put the chick up on our garage roof - it helped us a bit but not much.

“I know they are a protected species and I wouldn’t want to take the chick away but is there nothing that can be done?

“Last year the seagull had fishing wire caught in its beak and we managed to catch it and get it free. 

“We are lovers of seagulls and it has never bother me that they nest on our roof. But this is getting ridiculous - what are we meant to do? I can’t leave my house without getting attacked.”

A spokesman for the RSBP said Chris’ situation was very common.

She said: “Gull chicks have a habit of leaving the nest early and wandering off - which can often lead to them falling off a roof. 

“The parents are reacting how any parent would do and doing everything they can to protect their chick.

“In terms of what can be done, there is very little. The parents won’t put the chick back in the nest but they will continue to feed it and will usher it in to what they see as a safe spot. 

“The best thing to do is to put the chick up off the ground like on the top of a flat roof such as a garage. This will help the situation but more than likely it won’t end it. 

“The parents are only attacking because they feel their chick is in danger.

“But as I said there is very little that can be done. You don’t want to take the chick away as neither the chick or parents will benefit from that.

“I’m afraid that the only thing that can be done is to wait it out until the chick is old enough to fly.”

  • And a 56-year-old Weymouth man, who did not wish to be named, has also been attacked by gulls.

“ My wife and I were sat outside at a harbourside pub on Saturday afternoon and as soon as our waitress brought our food , around six or seven gulls swooped down onto our table, squawking and flapping.

“It was very frightening as they are really very big and one of the gulls grabbed the wire basket our chips came in and flew off with it.

“I was quite shook up and kicked out at one of them in self-defence.

“The staff at the pub were very kind and helpful and gave us another portion of chips when we took what was left of our meal inside.

“ I’d certainly be very wary of eating outside again,” he added.