A museum has created a plaque to acknowledge the people who donated the money needed to fix one of its buildings.

Portland Museum unveiled the plaque to thank the people who donated money to its thatch appeal last year. 

The total of £12,000 was raised to help repair the thatched roof of Marie Stopes Cottage, one of the museum’s buildings in Portland.

David Carter, a trustee of Portland Museum, said the money will be ‘put to good use’.

He added: “£12,000 is a significant sum, we went out the community asking for help and they answered. 

“Over the course of last year various people, organisations and businesses donated money. 

“We were very heartened by the community, it makes our work more rewarding to know the community responded to our needs.”

The plaque was unveiled at a ceremony at Portland Museum and was undertaken by Crown Agent and Court Leet Bailiff, Jane White, and the event was attended by the Mayor of Weymouth and Portland, Councillor Kevin Brookes. 

Cllr Brookes also took the opportunity to donate a cheque of £100 to the museum as part of the previous Mayor of Weymouth and Portland, Councillor Richard Kosior’s Christmas fund. 

“He admitted he was ‘very impressed’ by the museum and ‘pleased’ to donate the money.

He added: “It is a very well-run museum with a very dedicated and hard-working group of people who give their time to help make it shine. 

“It was the first time I had been there, but it really is a very good attraction. 

“It was a great event and I am very pleased to hand over the donation. 

“There is a little bit of everything in the museum. 

“What they manage to pack in there is amazing, it is a little gold mine. I was very impressed.” 

The event was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Weymouth and Portland and the museum’s trustees and volunteers.