A FOSSILER exploring by East Cliff in Lyme Regis found what was believed maybe an unexploded hand grenade - but it turned out to be non explosive.

The police were alerted and Lyme Regis Coastguard team cordoned off a 200 metre stretch of the beach which has now been removed.

Coastguard Jerry Bearpark said pictures of the army ordnance were sent to the army's bomb disposal experts who were on their way to the scene.

When the bomb disposal team arrived it was discovered to be non-explosive and was boxed up and taken away by the team.

Mr Bearpark said it could have been a hand grenade but they were just classing it as ordnance and as a precaution had put a 200 metre cordon up and cleared the beach.

He added: "It got called in by a fossiler who was out on a fossil walk.

"We informed southern coastguard and got a couple of pictures taken so they get sent to the ordnance people and they decide whether or not it is one or not.

"It is all to do with the weather."

A police spokesman said: "The coastguard are dealing with the incident and the army's bomb disposal unit experts are on their way to East Cliff.

"We got the call at 10.41 this morning. Officers did attend but the Lyme Regis coastguard team are dealing with it."