Weymouth Pavilion

WHAT could be better than going to a 60s rock concert and dancing the night away to classic hits from the past? I suspect that this was the main motive for most of the audience who turned up to enjoy this tribute show but the reality was a bit different.

The music was certainly there and very well performed by a trio of singers replicating legends of the past like Roy Orbison, Billy Fury, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Buddy Holly but what happened to the fun atmosphere of a great celebrity gig?

The trouble with this production is that the concept of pretending to be a live show starring these 60s giants never really works and the general direction is muddled and confused with many of the songs unknown to British pop fans.

But as the boys tell us, It’s only Make Believe, so C’mon Everybody, never mind the Summertime Blues, we’re already Halfway to Paradise so hold a Pretty Woman by the hand, because That’ll Be The Day when you take Three Steps to Heaven.

Top marks to the four piece Wild Cap Band to which was added a superb saxophonist who together bring back the magic of the old days while the singers do their best to give everyone a good time and they very nearly succeed. There must have been at least five people dancing in the aisles by the end of the show.