COUNCILLORS have pledged to take action to deal with the “nightmare” traffic misery caused by tourists trying to get to a nearby natural wonder.

After the August Bank holiday weekend, residents in West Lulworth spoke out about the “dangerous” traffic disruption caused by tourists going through the village to get to Durdle Door.

Residents on West Road said that visitors were parking on both sides of their narrow road, which leads to Durdle Door, causing severe traffic jams and making it difficult for them to leave their homes.

They added it was also unsafe, as the traffic sometimes makes it impossible for an emergency vehicle to get through if needed.

Now, Cllr Cherry Brooks of Dorset County Council and Cllr Barry Quin of Purbeck District council say they are going to hold a meeting with key players from West Lulworth Parish Council, Purbeck District Council, Dorset County Council, Dorset Police and the Lulworth Estate to look at all the options and find realistic solutions to the problem.

Cllr Barry Quin said: “What we are looking to do is there will be a quick fix in so much as we will look to get the double yellow lines extended down to the junction with Church Road and West Road and we will look to get better enforcement. How we do that is yet to be decided – the enforcement is the responsibility of the county council.”

He added that at the meeting they will look at the idea of making the residential part of West Road between Church Road and Main Road one-way and look at talking to Google Maps and satellite navigation companies about the direction advice they offer to tourists in the area.

Cllr Brooks said she was working with the relevant Dorset County Council teams to look at better enforcing the double yellow lines currently in place on West Road, and added that every option will be on the table at the meeting between the various stakeholders - which will take place on Wednesday, October 4.

She said: “We are looking at everything and we want to do our best for the residents of West Lulworth.” She added: “The meeting is the first step. I do not envisage the meeting will solve all of the problems, as this is a complex issue.”

The two councillors announced what they were doing to try and tackle the traffic mayhem at a meeting of West Lulworth Parish Council, where around 40 residents turned up to voice their concerns.

Cllr Brooks said: “They were concerned that the coaches that were coming through were too big, that sat navs seemed to be taking people along West Road and there were just too many people coming through, and meant the residents felt a bit isolated. It was very constructive.”

Some residents say they are reassured that the councillors are now looking to combat the traffic issues at the meeting next month.

Mike Wiskin, from West Road, said: “I am absolutely delighted about that, I think we all are. So we will just have to wait and see what happens.”