A man accused of an alleged assault outside a pub told police “I don’t glass people for no reason,” a court heard. 

Daniel James Hunt, 38, is charged with wounding with intent and unlawful wounding following an alleged glass attack which left Tom Lane with serious facial injuries,

The alleged incident happened outside The Three Compasses pub in Charminster on Saturday, December 10, last year

Yesterday, an officer told the jury that Hunt, of West Bay Crescent, Weymouth, told police he was acting “in self defence”, during day two of his trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

PC Andrea Watson of Dorchester police, who was called to the scene, said: “Mr Lane’s face was covered in blood. 

“He had swelling to the left side of his face and a cut to the left side of his neck.” 

PC Watson said that after taking witness statements from members of the public inside the pub, Ben Wardrop, a friend of Mr Lane, shouted “that’s him”, spotting Hunt outside. 

She said she walked outside to find Hunt on the other side of the road opposite the pub, but that he returned of his own accord. 

She said: “Mr Hunt’s right hand had blood on it, and he had mud on his jeans. 

“I explained to him that a man had been assaulted by being glassed to the face. 

“He was identified as being involved and he was arrested on suspicion of assault. He said that Mr Lane had come at him and it was in self-defence. 

“I could smell alcohol on his breath, in my opinion he was drunk. He was incoherent, and I could not understand everything he was saying. 

“He told me he came back because he knew the police would be looking for him.”

She added that after telling Hunt his rights, he said “I don’t glass people for no reason”. 

A medical examination stated that Mr Lane had suffered a laceration just below his left eye, on his left cheek and near his chin, as well as “significant swelling.”

Landlord Robert Dixon, who was behind the bar that night, said that he had noticed ‘bickering’ between Hunt and Mr Lane but did not deem it to be of any concern. 

He said he didn’t witness the alleged attack, but had been spoken to by Mr Wardrop shortly afterwards when he said: “Don’t let him [Hunt] back in, Tom’s been hit by a glass.”

The judge instructed the jury to retire for the day as a member of the counsel fell ill. 

The case was adjourned until 10am this morning.