IT’S been 30 years since The Christians first stormed the charts. Their self-titled album remains Island Record’s highest selling album from any debut artist.

Three decades later, Sings & Strings is a re-interpretation of nine Mersey-Soul Christians classics plus You’ll Never Walk Alone.

“It’s pretty much what it says in the title,” says Garry Christian, the recognisable face and voice of The Christians who originally performed with two of his brothers. “There’s my vocals, the Echo String Quartet from Liverpool - who added some youthful enthusiasm - plus four great singers from the AMC Gospel Choir in Birmingham, Andy Steele on piano, and backing vocals from my band members Joey Ankrah and Neil Griffiths.”

Being a pop star wasn’t quite what Garry Christian, his brothers Roger and Russell and their friend erstwhile Yacht, Henry Christian Priestman, had anticipated.

“The first days back in ‘87 were nerve-wracking. All of a sudden everyone was interviewing me and they were expecting me to go into some deep philosophy about life when I just wanted to tell them all to disappear and stop asking me complicated questions. It’s always been all about the music for me,” he says.

Several pop lifetimes after The Christians first broke through, they remain a formidable live proposition.

“We’re very personal and always have a drink and a chat with our fans after the gigs. The best thing now is that we’re getting people who were into us all those years ago and they’re bringing their children.”

The Christians are currently touring with Midge Ure and Altered Images which includes a visit to Bournemouth Pavilion on Friday, October 13. (Garry says: “It looks like a mismatch but I think it’ll work well.”)

He adds: “People still pay to come and hear us put on a live show and that is what’s most important to me. I’ll keep doing it till I drop - that suits me”.